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Top 10 reasons to hire a professional interior designer for your new project:
Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a designer to help get your project accomplished instead of trying to handle everything yourself. If you answer yes to any of these questions, feel free to request a quote to get started with our interior designer. You will find that is money well spent.

1. Do you feel your life is so busy with kids, work, and other obligations that you feel as if you have no time to take on another huge project by yourself and make sure it is done the correct way?
2. Reading through magazines and finding a picture you like but don’t know how to make it happen or even if it would work in your home?
3. Need major renovation involving moving or adding walls, light fixtures, natural stone work, tile work, new flooring or new paint colors and do not know how to coordinate them all together?
4. Would like to increase the value of your home and need an opinion on what to do?
5. Need work done but do not know any qualified, trustworthy contractors to do it efficiently?
6. Would like to have someone else deal with the budgeting, scheduling, installing and ordering of all materials and finishes?
7. Cannot agree with spouse on a final decision and need a professional opinion to help make the best choice?
8. Have pieces around the house that you would like to use and cannot figure out how to do it?
9. Looking at fabric, finishes, and paint makes your head go in so many directions you get really confused?
10. You know what you would like to do to your home but just want to make sure that you receive top quality with materials, budgeting and space planning?

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